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Backcover of What Is Creation Science?

331 pages
Adults & Teens
full description

What Is Creation Science?

Revised and Expanded!

by Henry M. Morris & Gary E. Parker
(photo of back cover)

Full Description | List of Illustrations

Table of Contents

Part I: Evolution: Science or Faith
Chapter 1: The Vanishing Case for Evolution Science

Part II:

The Life Science
2: Evidence of Creation in Living Systems
3: Darwin and the Nature of Biologic Change
4: The Fossil Evidence

Part III:

The Physical Sciences
5: Creation and the Laws of Science
6: Catastrophism in Geology
7: How and When Did the World Begin?

Appendix A:

Questions and Criticisms
B: Literature Cited
C: Index of Subjects
D: Index of Names

List of Illustrations

  • Recognizing Evidence of Creation or Natural Processes
  • DNA/Proteins
  • Miller’s Spark Chamber
  • DNA/R-Groups
  • Living Cell
  • Homology in Forelimbs
  • Supposedly Vestigial Organs in Human Embryo
  • Actual Function of Supposedly Vestigial Organs in Human Embryo
  • Platypus
  • Nature’s Challenges to Evolutionary Theory — Cleaner Fish
  • Variatil2. Peppered Moths — Biston betularia
  • “Difficulties With the Theory”
  • “Darwin’s Finches”
  • The Discarded Theory of Pangenes
  • Mutations in Fruit Flies
  • Mutations — A Genetic Burden
  • Sickle Cell Mutation
  • Variation Within Created Types
  • Variation in Skin Color
  • Recognizing Created Types
  • Change and Variation
  • Fossil Community of the Trilobite Seas
  • Archaeopteryx
  • “Pro-Avis”
  • “Hopeful Monsters”
  • Discarded Candidates for Human Ancestors
  • Australopithecines
  • Fossil Footprints
  • Two Interprestations of Fossil Groups
  • Polystrates
  • Origin of Large Fossil Beds
  • The Evolution Model
  • The Creation Model
  • Varied Applications of Entropy Concept
  • Implications of Laws of Thermodynamics
  • Increasing Entropy in Closed System
  • Increasing Entropy in Open System
  • Necessary Conditions
  • Necessity of Program and Conversion Mechanism for Decrease in Entropy
  • A. Criteria for Increasing Order
  • B. Absence of Ordering Criteria in Evolution
  • The Two Postulated Arrows of Time
  • Standard Geologic Column and System of Geologic “Ages”
  • Inadequacy of Stratigraphic Order to Determine Age
  • Inadequacy of Lithology to Determine Age
  • Inadequacy of Unconformities to Determine Age
  • Circular Reasoning and Use of Fossils to Determine Age
  • Limited Extent of Unconformities
  • Changes in Cosmic Organization: Speculative vs. Scientific
  • Complexity and Stability of the Cosmos
  • Maximum Number of Possible Events
  • Probability of Chance Origin of Life
  • Impossibility of Naturalistic Origin of Life
  • Uncertainties in Extrapolating Process Rates
  • Natural System Changing With Time
  • Calculation of Apparent Age of Changing System
  • Necessary Assumption in Apparent Age Calculation

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