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This was the name of a city and a man.
  1. now Tell Arad, a Canaanite city, about 20 miles south of Hebron

    The king of Arad “fought against Israel and took of them prisoners” when they were retreating from Edom (Num. 21:1; 33:40; Judg. 1:16). It was finally subdued by Joshua (12:14).

    See the Christian archaeological video which describes this ancient city: On the Prophets & Kings of Israel (“God with Us,” part of the Faith Lessons video series). “In Old Testament times, God manifested himself in the temple. Today, he dwells in us. We have a responsibility to represent God's presence to a dying world.”

  2. One of the sons of Beriah (1 Chr. 8:15).

Author: Matthew G. Easton, with minor editing by Paul S. Taylor.