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Six different Hebrew words were used for knife.

  1. Hebrew: hereb, “the waster,” a sharp instrument for circumcision (Josh. 5:2-3, literally “knives of flint;” compare Ex. 4:25); a razor (Ezek. 5:1); a graving tool (Ex. 20:25); an axe (Ezek. 26:9).

  2. Hebrew: maakeleth, a large knife for slaughtering and cutting up food (Gen. 22:6, 10; Prov. 30:14).

  3. Hebrew: sakkin, a knife for any purpose, a table knife (Prov. 23:2).

  4. Hebrew: mahalaph, a butcher's knife for slaughtering the victims offered in sacrifice (Ezra 1:9).

  5. Smaller knives (Hebrew: ta'ar, Jer. 36:26) were used for sharpening pens.

  6. The pruning-knives mentioned in Isa. 18:5 (Hebrew: mizmaroth) were probably curved knives.