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In 2 John 1:12, the word is used in its proper sense. The material so referred to was manufactured from the papyrus, and hence its name.

The papyrus (Hebrew: gome) was a kind of bulrush (q.v.). It is mentioned by Job (8:11) and Isaiah (35:7). It was used for many purposes.

The most extensive papyrus growths now known are in the marshes at the northern end of the lake of Merom.

This plant (Papyrus Nilotica) became extinct in Egypt. The unaccountable disappearance of this plant from Egypt was foretold by Isaiah (19:6-7) as a part of the divine judgment on that land.

The expression in the Authorized Version (Isaiah 19:7), “the paper reeds by the brooks,” is in the Revised Version more correctly ”the meadows by the Nile.” The words undoubtedly refer to a grassy place on the banks of the Nile fit for pasturage.


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