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United States of America

Films for Christ's headquarters are in the USA. We produce original motion pictures in 16mm film and distribute them on film and video throughout North America and around the world. Thousands of churches, Christian schools and homes have used these productions. Thousands of pastors and laypeople are showing them to friends and neighbors. Great results are also coming from our ministry to Prisons and Public Schools.

Another great story of conversion

"One of the inmates that signed up for the (Bible) studies was an ex-teacher from a local high school," wrote one chaplain recently. "He had expressed an interest in the religious aspect of our programs, on the advice of his attorney. (Those attending programs have it noted on their court survey information.) He was very defensive during the first two week studies and somewhat argumentative, but generally disapproving whenever the Deity of Jesus or other central themes of the Gospel were introduced."

"The week I announced that we would be showing your film on evolution, I could see that he was eager to be in familiar territory, and was first in line to find a seat. After the showing, I noticed a different side to him. Somber and taciturn. One of the other inmates said that he mentioned that he 'didn't know some of this stuff,' during the tape. Two weeks later, in a private counseling session, he asked me to help him give his life to the Lord."

"His case was resolved with a hung jury and plea bargaining for time served and was nearly as good as being found innocent. His last day in jail, he thanked me for helping him to see the truth, that he would never have found Christ on the street. I asked him if evolution was a part of his resistance to being saved, and he said, 'How can you accept the need for a Savior, when you can't believe in evolution and God at the same time? Without God, sin is a false concept, and without sin, who needs to be saved?'"

FFC brings excitement and light into public school classrooms

The Philippines

A missionary reported: “Your film has been marvelously used in making people decide for Jesus Christ… We conducted our showing inside a market place where we were surrounded with drinking and gambling people. Many looked tough and rough. After the showing we had special music, a ten minute message and extended an invitation. To our amazement, more than thirty people came forward unhesitatingly…”

Removing A Stumbling Stone In China

If you knew that just one issue stood in the way of your neighbor embracing Jesus Christ, what lengths would you go to tear down that barrier? What if you discovered an extremely effective way to do it? Some of the missions organizations we supply films to have found that for many Chinese, Evolution proves to be such an issue. And they have found Films for Christ's Creation/Evolution videos especially effective in confronting it head-on.

"Many from China who had resisted the message of the Gospel have made immediate decisions for Christ after watching Films for Christ's ORIGINS Series," a leader of one of these organizations recently told us.

These dynamic programs are at work in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China winning people to Christ as they present scientific evidence supporting the Bible. Evidence against Evolution has long been withheld from these people—for the theory of evolution is foundational to Communism and the state religion, atheism. Our programs reveal the truth and open people's hearts and minds to Christ. New converts have been known to invite family, friends and neighbors into their homes to view these enlightening videos, multiplying the audience!

For our brothers and sisters on the “front line” in mainland China, this is a daring yet rewarding ministry. Because of them, it is relatively “easy” for the rest of us to help reach our Chinese neighbors. Past support has made it possible to translate these films into Cantonese and Mandarin, make a limited number of video duplicates, and send these by couriers into mainland China.

The Czech Republic

Picture the dramatic scene that unfolded a couple of years ago in the nation of Czech (formerly part of communist Czechoslovakia). A couple of energetic Czech Christians were determined to bring the truth about Creation to their nation to counteract years of communist, atheistic training. The area Czech TV network officials thought our newly translated films were great and agreed to air them! Even the old-guard governing body in Prague reluctantly granted permission.

The broadcasts began, with each program being repeated three times. Large numbers of letters began to pour in, asking for more information and literature. Parents enthusiastically thanked us for counteracting their children's materialistic worldview.

At the same time, some powerful pro-Evolution professors sent letters of complaint to the governing board. "What is this program you are broadcasting?" they demanded. "For 40 years we are teaching Evolution and now you are casting doubt on what we have taught. Our pupils are asking, 'What should we believe now?'"

However, the Czech secular TV journal Televise commented very positively, saying "the series ORIGINS was worth broadcasting…It was a very long period indeed when we were ordered what we may think and what we may know. Our official scientific front in the period of socialism accepted just one way for every line of research—atheism."

A university professor of genetics wrote, "I was fascinated by… ORIGINS… I congratulate you on introducing such really beautiful and instructional films. After the long period of stupefying atheistic propaganda and materialistic concept of the world…I am very glad that at last such films are presented to our public."

But, due to the Evolutionists' wrath, the TV authorities in Prague required a televised panel discussion to publicly disapprove of the programs. The panel went to great lengths to mar the impact of the programs, but to little avail. The enthusiastic flood of letters in response to the series continued.

Despite the efforts of the evolutionists, millions of people in Czech now know of the major scientific and philosophical problems with atheistic evolutionism. Christianity is being viewed with greater respect!

Report from Bolivia

A missionary in Santa Cruz, Bolivia reported: "We appreciate the use of The Silver Belt. We have some other children's films, but this is the best for the Bolivian children. Thanks so much for making it available to us."


Films for Christ has provided thousands of copies of free Christian video programs and books to influential leaders in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Hundreds of millions are also being reached through ongoing television broadcasts of our films.

To Russia, With Love—The Story The Media Missed

Breakthrough #1
Breakthrough #2
Breakthrough #3
Breakthrough #4
Breakthrough #5
Breakthrough #6


Films for Christ sends many videos to the former Soviet Union nations. This is often done through people who are going visiting these nations for short term ministry. We are delighted to receive accounts such as this.

An American missionary couple were living and working in a small village that was built around an agricultural institute in the country of Kazakhstan. They were delighted to discover a true believer living in the largely Muslim village who was teaching at the Institute. Igor was a man of Russian descent, a research biochemist, and he had in his possession our set of videos containing the eight films translated into Russian. He also had a copy (in English) of our Illustrated Origins Answer Book.

The missionary couple started a local Bible study, but soon after, had to leave Kazakhstan. Fortunately, Igor became convinced God wanted him to continue teaching the people about God the Creator/Savior. The couple wrote us, "It was wonderful to find a man of his training so thoroughly convinced that the Biblical account of creation is the truth. Your materials had answered so many questions that had plagued him in his atheistic, Darwinian training. Thank you for your work, and thank you that you made these materials available free to men like Igor."

News from Uzbekistan

We recently received an urgent Internet e-mail message from a missionary in Uzbekistan (former Soviet Union). He pled for sets of our Russian Creation-evidence videos for use in the city of Tashkent and surrounding areas. Most of his work is among Muslim Turks who have been indoctrinated in atheism and evolutionism for their entire lives and find Evolution a tremendous stumbling block to trusting in the reliability of the Bible. Of course, we sent the videos, free of charge. A couple weeks ago we got another e-mail letter from the same missionary reporting on the tremendous response to our videos, which he is showing along with the Jesus video.

"I recently had the videos shown in one cable TV district here [reaching tens of thousands of viewers]. The man in charge was so impressed that he asked if he could submit them to be shown on national TV [which we readily agreed to]."


We praise the Lord for the many reports of changed lives and conversions to Christ we receive a year from the nation of Australia where only about 2% of the people ever attend church. One of the largest users of our films in Australia is Answers in Genesis which has made numerous public showings throughout the nation and some television broadcasts—touching many lives.

A College Student

Australian Miners

"It worked!" wrote Frank, a big burly man working at an Australian mining site. "It's the first thing that has broken through to the other men. I have been trying to witness to the men at the mine for a long time, but they would always bring up fossils and Evolution and millions of years. But your film got through to them. Some stayed for almost four hours after the film to discuss Christianity and two of them are at the point of commitment!"

What had this big man from the mine fields done? He used Films for Christ's production, The Fossil Record, that ends with a tremendous challenge concerning the Gospel. Since the showing, he has had opportunity after opportunity to witness to his co-workers who were constructing the largest dragline in the southern hemisphere.

More than twice as many miners came out to see The Fossil Record than had turned out for any other film in the area, even their favorite Rambo movie. Before this, Frank had almost given up in frustration at their apathy and indifference. Frank went on to show our award-winning film, The World That Perished—helping these hardened miners who live with rocks to better understand the Biblical Flood's role in depositing and eroding so much sedimentary rock throughout the world. Until these men better understood history from a Biblical perspective, they could only see Evolution in the rocks around them. They were blind to the rock of salvation, Jesus Christ.


A missionary in Nassau, Bahamas reported: "Beloved Enemy touched and healed many lives. That is one powerful film. During four showings 90 people accepted Christ and 300 recommitted. Praise God for films like that. Christians spoke of how much their lives have been encouraged and saw how they could give more and do more for Jesus Christ. Every time I showed it God spoke to me in different areas of the film."


A missionary in Guatemala reported: "Your films are a great blessing to many people here in Guatemala, especially since we work among the country-people and many can't read or write and their villages still have no electricity and therefore a film is a real treat to them all. It always seems like the 'whole' village comes… There are few and often no Christians… We are grateful for you ministry… We pray that through our united labor many people will come to know the Lord."


Our popular film, The World That Perished, has been translated into Japanese and has had a tremendous ministry. When telling Shintoists who worship many gods about Jesus Christ, the question is asked, "Which god is that?" When the missionary informs them that this was the God who created the whole world and everything in it, he has much better success. In time the other gods lose their importance in the presence of the One who made everything! We have heard similar accounts from missionaries in other countries. This stresses the great effectiveness of “creation evangelism.” It is so important that the foundation on which all Christianity rests is made very clear and plain.

TV Broadcasts:

Many wonderful responses have resulted from Films for Christ's television broadcasts in various nations reaching millions of viewers. Some nations included in these broadcasts have been Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Siberia, Czech, South Africa, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, and the Fiji Islands of the South Pacific.

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