Many chaplains qualify to receive free, life-changing Christian videos and books.

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Sharing Christ through the FREE distribution of Christian videos to prisons, jails & reformatories

Volunteers with recent shipment.
An example of one of our outgoing shipments. Our staff members stand with volunteers who've just finished packaging videos worth over $35-thousand for donation to prison chaplains in need throughout America. Numerous chaplains and prison ministries have received our free, high quality Christian video libraries (English and Spanish). Together, we can win far more men, women, boys and girls to Christ!

What we do

Christian Videos for Prisons is a nonprofit, nondenominational, evangelical ministry designed to help chaplains, prison ministries and wardens evangelize and disciple prisoners through showings of carefully selected, high-quality Christian videos (mainly in English and Spanish).

Our mission is to provide assistance to financially-needy prison chaplains who need to use these important materials but lack funds. For those who can afford to pay something, we offer special prison discounts. For those who have no money to work with, we provide videos free (as the Lord supplies funds).

Throughout North America

We are assisting correctional institutions in all 50 states (U.S.) and Canada. Over one thousand facilities are actively using the Christian video libraries we have donated to them, free of charge.


The result has been thousands of decisions for Christ. Chaplains show these videos in chapel meetings, study groups, audiovisual rooms, chapel lending libraries, or telecast them on the institution's closed TV system. Read their stories.

Why use Christian videos to win prisoners?

Couple watching TV

This is the media generation! These souls are visually-oriented and highly receptive to movies and TV.

Carefully designed Christian movies can speak to hearts through drama, music and expertly-presented information like almost nothing else.

Serve large numbers more easily with videos! With prison populations soaring, videos can help chaplains make the most effective use of their time. The number of people incarcerated in the U.S. is breaking all records. America now has more prisoners than any other nation (with the possible exception of Russia).

With illiteracy rates often high, videos can be more effective than reading material.

Use videos to plow the field and plant the seeds, building a fertile foundation for personal evangelism and discipeship efforts.

In these days, high quality Christian videos are a must for effective prison ministry. Our God-given mission is to help! [Learn more]

  • Over 1300 chaplains and prison ministries have been helped

  • Preview on-line: A Question of Origins

  • Preview on-line: Our newest evangelism and discipleship film, The HOPE

Which facilities and ministries are participating in our program?
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  • Executive Director: Paul S. Taylor
  • President: Dr. Lowell Wallen
  • Order Processing Manager: Star Taylor

Mailing Address:
Christian Videos for Prisons
PO Box 1167
Marysville WA 98270-1167

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