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Broken Hill

MPAA Rating: PG for thematic elements and some language.
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Primary Audience:
Family, Adults, Teens
Music, Family, Drama
Year of Release:
USA Release:
September 11, 2009 (select regional test markets—Dallas, Salt Lake City, Fresno and Greenville, SC)
September 18, 2008 (Orlando)
DVD: May 17, 2011
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Copyright, Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios (AAMPS)

Music in the Bible

Featuring: Alexa Vega (Kat Rogers)
“Spy Kids,” “Ruby and The Rockits”

Timothy Hutton (George McAlpine)
Academy Award Winner, “Ordinary People,” “Leverage”

Rhys Wakefield (Scott Price), Andy McPhee (Bear), Luke O'Loughlin (Fuzz), Luke Arnold (Tommy), Phil Austin (Officer Dixon), Rebekah Rimington (Stage Mother), Peter Lamb (Officer Jack Taylor), George Kapiniaris (Ricardo Romero), Adam Morgan (Bob), Maud Davey (Dinitee Haskard), Klayton Stainer (Watermelon Thief), Che Timmins (Kalai Takalua), Adrian Medhurst (Additional player), Nathan O'Keefe (Officer Tim), Jade Amantea (Robert), John Doherty (Frank Strickland), Chrissie Page (Magistrate Cowler), Hung Le (Cho), Leo Taylor (Warden Bill Rude), Roger Newcombe (Mr. Wooley), Emma Rancie (Sharon), John Clark (Pindari Gubbi), Rob MacPherson (Paul Rogers), Wayne Anthony (Older Emcee), Wayne Mattie (The Maniac), Todd Telford (Jeffrey), Lachlan Ward (Julian), Suzie Wieszyk (Suzy), Dennis Noble (Sr. Sergeant Brady), Adam Groecke (Jock Boy)
Director: Dagen Merrill
Producer: Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios (AAMPS), Peter Rancie, Julie Ryan, Chris Wyatt
Distributor: Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios (AAMPS)

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “In the tradition of ‘Save The Last Dance,’ ‘Billy Elliott’ and ‘August Rush’ comes the musical drama ‘Broken Hill.’ Tommy was born and raised on a rocky, drought-ridden sheep station in the middle of the Australian Outback. He works at the station and does all he can to appease his demanding father but in his heart wants to be a great musician. That all changes when Tommy meets his new class mate Kat, a bold and brash beauty, who at first doesn’t notice him at all. As Tommy tries desperately to get her attention his antics cause him to fall into hot water with the local police. He luckily escapes jail and chooses to do community service at the nearby prison to stay out of trouble. Soon the stakes for Tommy are raised when his music teacher and mentor lands him an audition for the elite music conservatorium. Against all odds, Tommy gains the affections of Kat, finds a way to reconcile with his father and conducts the concert of his life.

‘Broken Hill’ is the first movie from Audience Alliance a production company dedicated to producing inspiring family friendly films, free from gratuitous violence, sex and language. They embrace traditional values and listen to what audiences want from their films.

Broken Hill is a family movie and has received the Dove Foundation’s family friendly seal of approval.

Broken Hill’s central themes are overcoming isolation, pursuing dreams and romance.

‘Broken Hill’ took the ‘Best Feature Film—Audience Choice’ Award at the TriMedia Film Festival held in Fort Collins, Colorado (USA) and won a Best Film award at the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy.”

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Movie Critics
…If good intentions were Oscars, the well-made, Australian-shot family film “Broken Hill” would be rivaling “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy come awards season. Alas, good intentions tethered to a predictable story lacking tension, drama and surprise only go so far. … looks good and fills a niche for families looking for an alternative… [3½/5]
—Cary Darling, The Dallas Morning News
…There are pleasures in the inoffensive little Aussie coming-of-age romance “Broken Hill.” But they’re as sparse as trees in the arid Outback that is the movie’s setting. It’s a picture with the ambitions of a “Billy Elliot” but the execution of an “August Rush.”… [2/5]
—Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel

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