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Moral Rating: usually OK
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Length: 1 hr.

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Usually OK—As far as prime-time television goes this is probably the cleanest show on today. I have not missed an episode since the show began and enjoy it very much.
   —Tim Miller, age 42

Questionable—I truly enjoy the show, however, due to the large amount of profanity, I think this show should probably be in a later time slot. I don't want my 8 year old to watch it.
   —Dian Smith, age 39

"Early episodes have contained some sexual innuendo, usually Ed referring to his wife's infidelity, and some offensive language."
   —The Parents Television Council

Young people express their opinions…

Usually OK—This is one my favorite shows. The storylines are awesome, the characters are all a little strange which makes it all that much better. Tom Cavanaugh does an awesome job at playing the lead, and Julie Bowen does a good job as Carol. There is little wrong with this show. There is very rarely language, any sexual dialogue, and never violence. It is one of the few clean shows on the air and I think that we should support it.
   —Josh, age 15