What does…
adore mean in the Bible

Meaning: to worship; to express reverence and homage.

span class="bigcap">T«his word appears once in the NIV Bible, in the translation of Song of Songs 1:4. The word is not used in the KJV, NKJV, or NRSV. The words “adore” or “adoration” do not occur in Scripture.

However, there were various ways in which the Jews expressed reverence and homage, including taking off their shoes (Exodus 3:5; Joshua 5:15), and prostration (Genesis 17:3; Psalm 95:6; Isaiah 44:15, 17, 19; 46:6). To “kiss the Son” in Psalm 2:12 is to adore and worship him. (See Dan. 3:5-6.)

Author: Matthew G. Easton, edited by Paul S. Taylor.