age in the Bible

This word is used in the Bible to denote the period of a person’s life (Genesis 47:28), the maturity of life (John 9:21), the latter end of life (Job 11:17), a generation of the human race (Job 8:8), and an indefinite period (Ephesians 2:7; 3:5, 21; Col. 1:26).

Respect was to be shown to the aged (Leviticus 19:32). It is a blessing to communities when they have old men and women among them (Isaiah 65:20; Zechariah 8:4). The aged are supposed to excel in understanding (Job 12:20; 15:10; 32:4, 9; 1 Kings 12:6, 8). A full age can be the reward of piety (Job 5:26; Genesis 15:15).