What is a…

also known as: snake-charmer

his is one who practices snake-charming (Psalm 58:5; Jeremiah 8:17; Eccl. 10:11).

It was an early and universal opinion that the most venomous reptiles could be made harmless by certain charms or by sweet sounds. It is well known that there are jugglers in India and in other Eastern lands who practise this art at the present day.

In Isaiah 19:3 the word “charmers” is the rendering of the Hebrew 'ittim, meaning, properly, necromancers (Revised King James Version marginal note, “whisperers”).

In Deuteronomy 18:11 the word “charmer” means a dealer in spells, especially one who, by binding certain knots, was supposed thereby to bind a curse or a blessing on its object.

In Isaiah 3:3, the words “eloquent orator” should be, as in the Revised King James Version, “skilful enchanter.”

Article Version: August 1, 2021