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Means: white; or distinguished

also known as: Laadan and Ladan

This is the name of 2 biblical men (cousins).

  1. Libni, son of Gershon (Gershom)

    He is one of the two listed sons of Gershon (Gershom). He was the grandson of Levi, son of Jacob (Exodus 6:17; Numbers 3:18, 21; 1 Chronicles 6:17, 20). His brother was Shimei. He is called “Laadan” in 1 Chronicles 23:7-9. Libnites are the descendants of this Libni (Numbers 3:21; 26:58).

  2. Libni, son of Merari

    He is named in the genealogy of Levi. He is a son of Merari, another son of Levi (1 Chronicles 6:29).

    One of his uncles was Gershon (Gershom).

Author: Paul S. Taylor.
Article Version: August 10, 2021