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Meaning: distillation; dropping

also known as: Netoph'ah, Netopha, Netofa, Neophah

This is an ancient city or group of villages in the Tribe of Judah, in the general area of Bethlehem (Neh. 7:26; 1 Chronicles 2:54).


Its inhabitants are called Netophathites in Scripture.

Two of King David's elite guards were Netophathites (1 Chronicles 27:13; 27:15).

Netophathites are mentioned in Ezra 2:22; 2 Samuel 23:28; 23:29; 2 Kings 25:23; 1 Chronicles 2:54; 9:16; 11:30; 27:13; 27:15; 1 Chronicles 9:16; Nehemiah 12:28; and Jeremiah 40:8.

Modern location

Based on archaeological digs, the modern site is identified with ruins in Metofa (Metoba, Umm Tuba, Um Toba), to the northeast of Bethlehem, and now located in municipal Jerusalem. The name “Metofa” is derived from “Netofa.” Royal seal impressions from the time of King Hezekiah have been discovered there.

Modern Umm Tuba in greater Jerusalem, Israel, site of ancient Netophah—satellite view
Article Version: July 13, 2021