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A Personal Invitation

He became one of us.
He lived among us.
He felt our pain.
And so that we might live with Him forever, He gave His life to pay the penalty for our sin.

Then, He proved that He is who He claimed to be, by overcoming death.

Jesus is unlike any other. And He desires to make His story, your story. He’s inviting you to come and follow Him. He is offering you help for today, and hope for tomorrow.

His invitation will not be open forever, but it is open for you now. Won’t you say yes?

If you want to know and follow Jesus, then simply tell Him so. Confess to Him your need for forgiveness. Acknowledge your trust in Him as the One who died for your sins so that you might be restored to your heavenly Father… Who loves you. Receive the Spirit of God, and allow Him to direct your life.

In doing this your deepest longings will be fulfilled… and you will bring glory to God!

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What is your decision about Jesus Christ?
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