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Help with Adobe Acrobat Files

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What is Adobe PDF?

Some of our coloring pages, activity pages, and free lesson plans are made available in Adobe Acrobat Reader's Portable Document File (PDF) format. This enables us to provide you with better formatting, higher resolution and better printing than with normal Web pages. It also has the advantage of being compatible with virtually all computers and operating systems.

In order to view, print, and read our .pdf pages, you will need an installed copy of Adobe's Acrobat Reader. In our experience, almost every computer has this installed already, but if you do not, simply download it for free. Even if you don't use it here, you will almost certainly need it later on other Web sites.

To download and install Adobe's Acrobat Reader, click the icon to the left.

Questions and answers

"Whenever I try to download one of your .pdf pages, all I get is a screen asking me to save the file and prompts me for a filename."

This simply means that Adobe Acrobat Reader is not on your system or is not installed correctly. To resolve this issue, simply go to the download site, download and install (or reinstall).

"When I try to print a .pdf page, nothing happens."

First, make sure you have the correct printer driver selected. If you do and still nothing happens, check your version of Adobe Acrobat. If you are using an old version, upgrading might be your solution. If you upgrade and still have problems, it is recommended that you uninstall and then reinstall from the Adobe website.

For other problems or issues, please check the Adobe Web site for wider range of troubleshooting.