Expert Quiz: Answers

If you correctly answered 5 of these questions, you may be ready for the next level.

  • Who was the wife of Moses? (Zipporah)
  • Who was the second wife of Abraham? (Keturah)
  • Who was the son of Kish? (King Saul)
  • How many chapters are contained in the Sermon on the Mount? (3, Matt. 5,6,7)
  • How many times did Israel march around Jericho? (13)
  • How long is a cubit? (approx. 18 inches)
  • Where did Cain go after he had killed Abel?
    (the land of Nod)
  • Where did Rahab live? (Jericho)
  • Where did Dorcas live? (Joppa)
  • Where is the “Street called Straight”? (Damascus)

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