Genius Quiz: Answers

If you answered 4 of these questions correctly, you are probably a genius. If you got any of them correct you are doing great!

  • Who was the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron? (Phinehas)
  • Who was the son of Omri, the king of Israel? (Ahab)
  • Who was the husband of Naomi from the book of Ruth? (Elimelech)
  • Who has the longest name in the Bible? (Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz, son of Isaiah)
  • Who killed Sisera? (Jael)
  • How wide was Noah's ark? (50 cubits, about 75 ft.)
  • How wide was the ark of covenants? (1.5 cubits, about 27 inches)
  • What was the name of Elisha's servant? (Gehazi)
  • What was the name of Paul's famous teacher? (Gamaliel)
  • What judge of Israel was born in Bethlehem? (Ibzan)
No matter how many you got right, we hope you've learned more about this amazing book… the Bible!