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Canoeing on the Amazon

Oars for Canoing. Illustration copyrighted. Use your computer's ARROW KEYS to paddle. Be careful, the current of this RAIN FOREST river is strong! Guide your canoe to the fish to get points. But watch out, your canoe will be damaged (and lose points) if it hits rocks, river banks, logs or any debris that floats down the river. In 4 minutes, how many points can you earn? To play, click “Start”. (Game requires Java enabled browser)

Sorry, your computer does not have Java installed or enabled. This and most of our other games require Java. Help


Red Fish +4 points
Gold Fish +3 points


Boundary Rock -1
Bottle Bottle -1
Plant Tree -2
Tire Tire -3
Log Log -4
Explorer searching with binoculars (photo copyrighted)
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