Teaching Notes for D Is For Dinosaur

But did He make dinosaurs,
and if so, when?

Most children, particularly those from Christian homes, have no difficulty recognizing that God made the different animals and plants. However, because of the intensive evolutionary indoctrination through television, the public education system, books, etc., most children do not think of God as having made the dinosaurs. They tend to think of dinosaurs as primitive creatures that lived long before man, and that they really have nothing to do with creation.

The topic of dinosaurs is probably used more than anything else to convince young people that evolution is true, and that the process took millions of years. Explain to them why it is obvious that God had to make life, and since dinosaurs were living creatures, then obviously God had to make them too-they couldn't have happened just by mere chance. Colossians 1:16 states, "All things were created by him, and for him." The “All” must include dinosaurs that once existed on the Earth.

Often the term “prehistoric” is used in reference to animals like dinosaurs. The term “prehistoric” means before recorded history long before man; however, (and this will be obvious in other sections of the book) the Bible is a record of history since time began, and the Bible says man was created on day six along with the land animals. (Genesis 1:24-31).

Student Excercise:

Have the children draw their favorite dinosaur. Emphasize how hard it is just to draw a dinosaur let alone make one. If it takes a lot of intelligence to draw a dinosaur, it must have taken MUCH MORE intelligence to make one in the first place.

Author: Excerpt from D is for Dinosaur with permission from Answers in Genesis

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