Teaching Notes for D Is For Dinosaur

Look up Job 38:4. Here God asked Job the question, "Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth?" In other words, teach the children that God was really asking Job, "Were you there?"

Share with them that not only does God know everything, but He has always been there. The only way we can know what happened to the dinosaurs, for instance, is to talk to someone who knows everything, who's always been there. Tell them that only God knows everything and has always been there, and that we should go to His Word to understand this world, and even to look for clues regarding dinosaurs.

Also share with them that the next time a teacher (or anyone) talks about “millions of years ago,” the student could ask, "Were you there?" Explain that no human being knows everything, or has always been there, so how can they really know what happened in the past?

Student Excercise:

Author: Excerpt from D is for Dinosaur with permission from Answers in Genesis
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