How many animals can you find in this rain forest scene?
The answer can be found at the bottom of this page.

You found a SQUIRREL MONKEY. You found a… HOWLER MONKEY. You found a… ECUADORIAN ANT BIRD. You found a… GREEN WHIP SNAKE. You found an… IGUANA. You found a… GREATER BIRD OF PARADISE. You found a… FRUIT BAT. You found a… ULYSSES BUTTERFLY. You found a… SPIDER MONKEY. You found a… CHIMPANZEE. You found a… JACKSON'S CHAMELEON. You found a… KEEL-BILLED TOUCAN. You found a… RUBY EYED TREE FROG. You found a… ARMADILLO. You found a… CROCODILE. You found a… SCARLET MACAW. You found a… TREE SLOTH. You found a… BLUE MACAW. You found a… COCK-OF-THE-ROCK BIRD. You found a… WHITE PLUMED ANT BIRD. You found a… MOUSE. You found a… HORNBILL. You found a… PARAKEET. You found a… JAGUAR. You found a… GREAT ANTEATER. You found a… COSTA RICAN MOTMOT. You found a… TREE SNAIL. You found a… ROSEATE SPOONBILL.

Total animals = 28

Top-left quarter: Squirrel Monkey / Green Whip Snake / Howler Monkey / Ecuadorian Ant Bird / Iguana / Greater Bird of Paradise / Fruit Bat / Ulysses Butterfly / Spider Monkey / Chimpanzee

Bottom-left quarter: Jackson's Chameleon / Keel-billed Toucan / Ruby Eyed Tree Frog / Armadillo / Crocodile

Top-right quarter: Scarlet Macaw / Tree Sloth / Blue Macaw / Cock-of-the-Rock bird / White Plumed Ant Bird / mouse / Hornbill / parakeet

Bottom-right quarter: Roseate Spoonbill / snail / Costa Rican Motmot / Great Anteater / Jaguar

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