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Killer Bees

You're in the Amazon rain forest collecting butterflies. You've accidentally disturbed a hive of Africanized honey bees - “Killer bees.” They're swarming all around you. Try to COLLECT AS MANY BUTTERFLIES AS POSSIBLE, without letting the bees sting you. Point-and-click at butterflies to capture them. If a bee touches your pointer, you're stung and lose points (ouch!). Get too many stings, and your game is over. Try again for a higher score.

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Are there bees in the rainforest?

Yes, there are many bees in rainforests. In fact, bees are one of the major insect groups responsible for pollination of rainforest trees. Flowers that attract bees usually have a sweet odor.

So called “killer bees” are a type of southern African honeybee that mated with wild bees in the forests of Brazil (becoming Africanized Honey Bees. During a 1957 science experiment, African honeybees were accidentally released in Brazil. They moved north through the rainforest eventually reaching Panama and Mexico in the 1980s. The first “migrating swarm of Africanized bees was detected in the US on October 15, 1990” in Hidalgo, Texas. To this day, they continue to spread throught Northa America.

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