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Wrestling with a jaguar!

Jaguar. Illustration copyrighted.

Danger can be lurking just around the corner in the jungle!

A few years ago, one of the men that lives in our village was hiking alone to another village. He came to a dry creek bed and, as he was crossing it, he was suddenly ATTACKED from behind by a full-grown jaguar! The jaguar threw him, but coarse clothing protected him from claw marks. Grabbing his shotgun, he wounded the animal with three shots.

Indian man with gun shooting at a jaguar. Illustration copyright by AAJ.

Then he went running back to the village to get his brother. Together they returned and found the jaguar, still in the same spot. They took turns shooting at the animal. With each shot, the animal turned on the shooter.

At one point it grabbed the man’s foot with its mouth and bit it in several spots. After 16 shots—and Indians are good marksmen—they finally finished it off with a knife.

An airplane went into the village, bringing the injured Indian to the nearest city for treatment. He’s doing very well—not even limping!

The man that was attacked is one of the first Christians in his village. He and his wife even help the missionaries with their translation work, because they are so excited to translate the Bible into their own language!

He could have easily been killed by the ferocious jaguar, and the Bible translation would take even longer without his help. But God is good for protecting him in this dangerous situation.

Please pray for safety of others who are in danger, and especially that many Indians might become followers of Jesus so they do not have to be afraid when they die.

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