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Do Indian children have to do chores too?

Indian Girls. Photo copyright by AAJ. We sure do! Our families count on us to get up early in the morning to begin working. We know that we are needed and expected to do lots of work.

The girls look after their little sister, brother, niece, or nephew. They also help cook, grate manioc, carry heavy backpacks, and get water.

The boys in our village have to do some work too (but they have more fun doing it). They hunt with the men in the village, fish, farm, and weave baskets. They also spend much time in the jungle as part of their learning and training to become excellent hunters and providers for their families and the village in the future.

In our free time, both boys and girls love to go swimming in the river, and there is plenty of rivers around here in the rain forest! We also like to watch the animals in our village. The girls like to play with their hand-made dolls (since there are no stores around here to buy them at), and the boys like to shoot their bows and arrows and play in the forest.

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