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The amazing, stupendous worldwide flood

Noah's Ark (illustration copyrighted) People often wonder if God really cares whether or not we sin. Would God really judge sin? Genesis chapters 6-9 tell about God's greatest judgment of sin. His perfect, paradise Creation had been ruined by the sin and violence of mankind. God, because He is holy and just, destroyed the Earth through a worldwide flood. Because God is loving and kind, He saved 8 people and at least 1 pair of every kind of animal. Find the hidden words below. Afterwards, read the amazing account in the Bible for yourself (Genesis 6-9) or read our illustrated summary.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Look for the words on the list. When you find one, point your mouse pointer at the beginning of the word, hold your mouse button down, and “drag” to the end of the word and release the button. If you are correct, the word will be circled and will also disapper from the list. Words may be hidden horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards, or backwards. After you’ve found all of the words, you can mix them up in a different way and try again, or try another word list.

Can’t find a word? Simply highlight the word in the right column and then click on “Find Words.” Rescramble as often as you wish.

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