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Wow! What Happened at Babel?

Tower of Babel, a scene from God's Story. (illustration copyrighted).Do you know someone who speaks a different language? It can be fun to try to communicate with people from other countries. It can also be frustrating. When you really want to tell somebody something that is important, but you don’t know the right words… it can make you want to scream. Why do people speak different languages? A long time ago, when everybody spoke the same language, the people joined together to rebel against God. The way that God slowed down their rebellious activities was to cause everybody to speak different languages. That made it much harder for people to cooperate in their evil deeds; they couldn’t understand each other. Find the hidden words about this below, then read about the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9 and don’t miss our illustrated summary.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Look for the words on the list. When you find one, point your mouse pointer at the beginning of the word, hold your mouse button down, and “drag” to the end of the word and release the button. If you are correct, the word will be circled and will also disapper from the list. Words may be hidden horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards, or backwards. After you’ve found all of the words, you can mix them up in a different way and try again, or try another word list.

Can’t find a word? Simply highlight the word in the right column and then click on “Find Words.” Rescramble as often as you wish.

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