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If you answered 4 of these questions correctly, you did quite well. If you got all of them, you must be a genius. No matter how many you got right, we hope you've learned more about the world's most amazing book… the Bible!

The answers…

1. Who was Eve's first born son?

2. What did Abel choose for his job?

3. What did Cain choose for his job?

4. What did God require for sacrifice for sins?
Death of an animal

5. God reveals that without the shedding of what, there is no forgiveness of sin.

6. What did Cain offer for a sacrifice?
Fruit and vegetables

7. What did Cain do to Abel when he was angry about his sacrifice?
Killed him

8. Where did Cain get his wife?
He married a sister

9. How long did Adam live?
930 years

10. Today, why aren't brothers and sisters allowed to marry?
The children would have a very high risk of being deformed.

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