Bible Quiz: The Garden of Eden

  1. How much of the Earth was a PARADISE when God created it?
  2. The Creator gave people and animals what to EAT?
  3. A leading angel turned against God and hates humans, according to Jesus Christ, what is this angel’s NAME?
  4. This fallen angel appeared to Eve in the form of what CREATURE?
  5. The Bible says the fallen angel is the FATHER of what?
  6. What HAPPENED when Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit?
  7. When Adam and Eve saw that they were NAKED, what did they do?
  8. How did God CHANGE the land after the fall?
  9. God made CLOTHES from what to cover Adam and Eve?
  10. After Adam and Eve were banished from the garden, God placed what to keep them out?
Version: April 26, 2021