Bible Quiz—The Garden of Eden

How much do you know?

  1. How much of the world was a paradise in the beginning?

    • half of the Earth
    • just the Garden of Eden
    • all
    • most
  2. People and Animals were given what to eat in the beginning?

    • plants
    • whatever they wanted
    • meat and plants
    • pizza
  3. What was the name of the most beautiful angel that turned against God?

    • Michael
    • Gabriel
    • Lucifer
    • Cherubim
  4. Satan appeared to Eve in the form of what creature?

    • rat
    • serpent
    • lizard
    • parrot
  5. The Bible says Satan is the father of what?

    • air
    • sadness
    • money
    • lies
  6. What happened when Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit?

    • committed the first sin
    • got sick to their stomach
    • killed the snake
    • fed some fruit to the animals
  7. When Adam and Eve saw that they were naked, what did they do?

    • went swimming
    • killed an animal for fur
    • sewed fig leaves together for clothes
    • used palm leaves to cover themselves
  8. How did God change the land after the fall?

    • hot and cold weather
    • produce thorns and weeds
    • many plants died
    • made mountains
  9. God made clothes from what to cover Adam and Eve?

    • leaves
    • animal skins
    • cotton
    • flowers
  10. After Adam and Eve were banished from the garden, God placed what to keep them out?

    • a gate
    • quick sand
    • lions
    • cherubim