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A new World War 2 faith-based drama is coming from SlingShot Media Group which was founded in North Carolina and has since moved to Los Angeles. The movie’s cast includes such well known actors as Cary Elwes, Judd Hirsch, Jason Patric, and Sebastian Roche.

The film’s screenplay won a $50,000 Chronos Prize from Movieguide Awards, with Dr. Ted Baehr calling it an “impressively powerful script.” The writers and directors are Matthew G. Hill and Landon Johnson.


Unofficially led by a deposed Protestant pastor known only as Jacques (Cary Elwes), a small group of Christians, Jews and Gypsies are forced to live in hiding together while Jacques uses a pirate radio signal to broadcast messages of resistance and hope in defiance of Nazi rule in 1943 occupied France. For their efforts, the group soon finds itself hunted by the Gestapo (Sebastian Roche). To survive they must place their lives in the unlikely hands of a suspicious benefactor who made his fortune from the very War that has cost them so dearly.

The film, while not a true story, does draw from the rarely told true history of Christians, Jews, Gypsies and freedom fighters of various faiths who banded together and risked everything in defiance of Nazi rule.

A release date is not yet available. Taylor & Dodge is reportedly handling worldwide sale. Slingshot Media Group is a film and television production company devoted to inspirational, uplifting and faith-inspired content in both the comedy and drama arenas.