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Movie Review

Down to You

MPAA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPAA) for mature thematic material, sexual content, language, drug and alcohol use
Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Romance Comedy
1 hr. 37 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
January 21, 2000 (wide)
Freddie Prinze Jr. in “Down to You”
Featuring: Freddie Prinze Jr., Julia Stiles, Shawn Hatosy, Selma Blair, Zak Orth
Director: Kris Isacsson
Producer: Jason Kliot, Joana Vicente
Distributor: Miramax Films

Viewer Comments
My parents didn’t want me to see this movie, but they let me go. Afterwards, I wished I hadn’t gone. The thing that bothered my most about the movie was the fact that the main stars lived together. There was a lot of sex in the movie, the main female even thinks she might be pregnant. There is some drugs and drinking, a suicide attempt, cheating, and a porn star. The movie’s plot wasn’t even that good. The one and only positive element in the movie is that the main male character and his dad had a good relationship after his suicide attempt. My Ratings: [1½/2]
Camden Morgante, age 13
I found that the film “Down to You” was not as good as I thought or expected it to be. I believed that it was to follow in the footsteps of films such as “Never Been Kissed” and “She’s all That”. But myself and some friends found that it did not do that. It was supposed to better then “She’s All That,” but being that is something that it will never be.
Maire, age 15, non-Christian
This film was a pathetically boring attempt a romantic comedy, with the actors trying and failing to achieve any sort of capabilitly. Sad attempt are the words I would use. My Ratings: [3/1½]
Emma Cunningham, age 13
My best friend and I ran, screaming, from the theatre as the credits rolled. I dropped my popcorn as we rushed down the aisle. “Leave it!” she cried. “Don’t look back!” It was awful.
Sarah Filipiak, age 21
Freddie Prinze Jr. and Julia Stiles in “Down to You”
“Down to You” was an enjoyable film. Granted, there won’t be any Academy Award nominations for this one (did anyone really think there would be…), but the movie was entertaining. All of the objectionable content mentioned in the review was present, but I think the reviewer failed to see the bigger, more positive theme. The characters in the movie were searching for something; something that they could only find in a committed, monogamous relationship. Promiscuous lifestyles and even the lifestyle of a porn star were shown to be empty and fleeting. Happiness was found when the characters gave up these things for committed love. The film helped encourage me to view romantic love the way God ordained it. If we stop dwelling on the negative, we may be able to see some positive themes in places we never imagined… My Ratings: [3/2½]
J, age 22
…“Down To You” is the best example of Satan’s lies I have seen in a movie of late. Everything in the movie is geared towards tolerance of alchohol, drugs, pornography, homosexuality, and sex (outside marriage). Also, one of the worst lies inherint in this film is that love is a feeling that goes away, and nothing more. It’s just a chain of *tingles*, and that we should take as much advantage of it as we can while it’s still there. I read John Harris’ book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye,” and honestly recommend it as a GREAT resource to help a Christian teen find the answers to so many questions concerning love and dating. Pick it up, you won’t regret it. Overall, the movie had some good camera shots and original narrative elements, but these cannot save the poor acting, nor the horrible script. Avoid this movie like the plague, because it will only make your spirit feel dirty and tarnished. If I could rate this movie less than one on the Christian rating, I would. Instead, spend an extra few dollars and pick up “I Kissed Dating Goodbye,” and learn about the immeasurable gifts God has in store! My Ratings: [1/2]
Justin Parcher, age 18
“gross”… We picked this movie because it was the only one of 12 at this theater which hadn’t been reviewed and the other 11 were objectionable. Also since it was PG-13 it seemed like it had a good chance of being acceptable. We followed a crowd of teen age girls into the theater so I knew the word was out among that age group. I can’t review the film because we only stayed for maybe 10 minutes and left. It was really gross in language and sexual innuendo.The acting seemed to be very shallow also. This movie is not entertainment for any decent person regardless of age. My Ratings: [1/1½]
Frank Brown, age 67
promotes drinking and sex… SEX, SEX,and more SEX. I thought this was a horrible movie. The whole focus of the movie is about this guy losing his virginity. It promoted teen drinking and sex before marriage. I walked out in the middle feeling all yukky inside. I DO NOT recommend it for any age. My Ratings: [1/2]
Tiffany Millikan, age 15
predictable and bad… “Down to You” was probably one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. I was going to it hoping to see a movie similar to “She’s All That” and “Never Been Kissed” but I was greatly disappointed. “Down to You” is not a sweet, romantic comedy like most expect; it is filled with sex and drinking, with the most predictable story line. Not even Freddie Prinze Jr. could keep this movie interesting. The only thing that kept my interest was my huge movie-sized chocolate bar. My Ratings: [2/2½]
Carmen, age 16
“light porn”… My friend and I each took our 13-year-old daughters to see this movie since the other movie we went to see was sold out. After about 30 minutes, we agreed we should walk out. (I have never walked out of a movie before) The opening theme was about a college boy who earned extra money by “performing” in a porno movie. The boy’s co-star was a boy disguised as a girl. Next, one of the college boys picks up a girl in a bar and takes her home. He discusses the kinky things they did with his friend. I was completely embarrassed. I don’t know if the content improves, but the 30 minutes I saw could be “light porn.” My Ratings: [1/3]
Lori McGraw, age 40
“greatly disappointed”… I went to this movie with a big group of friends, thinking it would be a cute movie. Boy was I wrong, it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. During the course of the movie 7 people walked out. It was filled with sex and more sex. There was no plot and went absolutely nowhere. And I couldn’t even understand the deal with the porn star either. There were one or two cute moments, but overall it lacked terribly. I was greatly disappointed, I hoped for a better movie. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. My Ratings: [1½/1]
Wendy, age 20
“This movie was terrible”… First of all it had way too much sex. It was just stupid, then what was with the porn star? No point what so ever. I found it really hard to get involved in the movie, you knew where it was going all the time and there was very little point to it. I really wished I had walked out on it, it didn’t get better, it got worse. It’s a movie aimed towards teens, but has such little moral value in it that I really don’t think anyone should see it. My Ratings: [2/2]
Leshell, age 15
not recommended… I went with my 16 and 19 yr. old kids. The reviews on this movie led us to believe that it was a simple romantic comedy of a boy trying to win back his girlfriend. This took up about 10% of the movie. But the reviews neglected to mention all the college-dorm sexual involvement of the 2 main characters as they created their relationship. And the best friend of Freddy Prinze’s character is a porno movie star that makes it a successful career. There is so much sexual content in this movie that I wouldn’t even recommend it to a married couple. I find that the movie reviewers recently are holding back information that is objectionable so that the public will be misled. Calling it a romantic comedy is definitely a misnomer. My Ratings: [2/3]
M. Lawrence, age 50
Movie Critics
…“Down to You” isn’t dark or brooding, but its few sweet, inspired moments …can’t save scene after scene of teenage drinking and sexual promiscuity.
Focus on the Family
…the acting never gets muscular enough to make the audience care about what happens to the two lovers played by Prinze and Stiles.
Vanessa E. Jones, Boston Globe