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Ghost Ship

MPAA Rating: R-Rating (MPAA) for strong violence/gore, language and sexuality
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Horror Mystery
1 hr. 31 min.
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Scene from “Ghost Ship”

Starring: Julianna Margulies, Gabriel Byrne, Isaiah Washington, Ron Eldard, Desmond Harrington | Directed by: Steve Beck | Produced by: Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis, Gil Adler | Written by: Mark Hanlon, Mark D. Hanlon, John Pogue | Distributor: Warner Brothers

Viewer Comments
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Positive—First let me state that I simply gave this film an average rating b/c I do not have an opinion on its “Moral Rating.” I’ve been a Christian for over 10 years. And honestly I loved this movie. A friend and I went to see it and walked out thinking “Wow! What an awesome plot.” I like to go into a fiction movie and base it off of… well nothing. It is purely fiction. If you try to base it off reality then how come more people don’t complain about how “unrealistic” something is?

It is fiction b/c it is not real. You can’t look into something too deeply b/c you will see demons around everyone, and chances are that you will manifest them in your mind. Yes, I agree that the nudity was unecessary, however, all things considered, it had an awesome plot with a great twist at the end…My Ratings: [Average / 5]
David Fendley, age 19
Neutral—What we have here is your basic ghost story, set at sea. “Ghost Ship” does have a good chill factor, but contains heavy profanity, gore (surprisingly less than most horror films), and un-needed nudity. The acting isn’t the best, but is okay given the crew aren’t commandos, but simple salvage operators. The story is interesting, but still not the best horror movie I’ve seen.
My Ratings: [Average / 3½]
Christopher, age 20
Negative—The movie was overall dumb the plot, the acting was horrible, and the murder scenes were dumb not even scary. The nudity I found offensive at one part the a man is following a dead singer who strips and he states “it can’t be considered cheating if their dead” which is wrong anyway you look at it contact with the dead and adultery.

The whole concept of the guy who was a demon on the ship was working for the devil and trying to collect souls [is] something wrong!!! Well, if you do actually watch it don’t go to the theater. I wouldn’t suggest waching it at all.
My Ratings: [Very Offensive / 2]
Scott McBride, age 18
Negative—This was one of the most ridiculous movies I have seen in the theatre for a long time. I went expecting a good Gabriel Byrne flick, but was I ever disappointed? The plot, first of all, did not work. The acting was fine and I have no complaints there. Time after time new elements would show up that did not fit into the film. I didn’t care so much about the graphic murder scenes, although they were a bit obsessive, the nudity or the occasional language.

What I did care about was the lack of thought in putting together the screenplay. It was written strictly with the issue of convenience in mind: “What are we going to do here?” they might ask. “I know,” replies another. “We’ll suddenly make the bad guy be able to do this, too!” And as for the twist ending, my friend and I looked at each other within ten minutes of the opening credits and said, “That’s the bad guy. This is what will happen.” And guess what? We were exactly right.
My Ratings: [Average / 2½]
Donna, age 19
Negative—I love a good scary movie and I really look forward to them, but I would not consider Ghost Ship to be a good scary movie. Firstly, the movie was not scary, most of the characters were not all that likeable and they were all very dumb.

The movie was slow (don’t try to figure out what is going on you’re just going to confuse yourself because the movie doesn’t make much sense). The twist at the end was very predictable but in all reality shouldn’t have worked by the rules the the movie worked on. And that primary reason I would not suggest it is that I felt bad for watching it, I really felt dirty, and that I had just given money to further evil movies. It you want a good scare, go see “The Ring.”
My Ratings: [Extremely Offensive / 2]
Heather A., age 19
Negative—GhostShip was not scary to me and I am usually freaked out by everything. It contain nudity, references to adultery, and unnecessary gore. It portrayed the devil’s collection of souls on a first come first serve basis. In other words if you died on the ship you were going to Hell. It completely disregarded the truth about salvation. Very misleading and disturbing film. Don’t waste your cash.
My Ratings: [Very Offensive / 1½]
Jessie, age 22
Negative—For me, the thing that pushes the rating from Very Offensive to Extremely Offensive is the opening scene where a room full of people are surgically cut in half by a broken cable slashing at lightening speed through the dance floor. It is done with such precision that the people are left standing and looking around for what seems like forever (slow motion) before their bodies start coming apart. The fact that a small girl is there on the floor to witness the whole thing just adds to the disturbing element.

The scene is one of the most graphic I’ve ever seen. From there the movie becomes a fairly typical horror/ghost story: More gore, profanity sprinkled throughout, one scene of a topless woman. Without giving the story away, it deals with what appears to be a servant of Satan “gathering up” souls.

And in the end, it doesn’t exactly show us Christians necessarily winning. Bottom line: Don’t waste your money.
My Ratings: [Extremely Offensive / 3]
Brent, age 38
Comments from young people
Negative—This movie was not worth five bucks. Admittedly it had some excellent ideas dealing with a boat haunted by supernatural beings, but as in Stephen King’s RED ROSE, the film digressed as it switched into a slasher-movie formula. The movie was not nearly as scary as gore-sex-almost-profanity free SIGNS. The language was bad, the nudity was completely unnecessary and the gory was disgusting without being scary.
My Ratings: [Extremely Offensive / 2]
L.S. Loewen, age 16
Movie Critics
…Along with the gore, nudity and communication with the dead, the dialogue is awash with obscenities and profanity. With little love on this boat, GHOST SHIP is a moral derelict…
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…Violence includes people being killed in a variety of ways…[with] bloody results …a very graphic scene where many characters are dismembered, decapitated and completely cut in half by a steel cable with extremely bloody and gory results.