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Juwanna Mann

MPAA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPAA) for language and sex-related material
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Teens Adults
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Vivica A. Fox and Miguel A. Nunez Jr. in “Juwanna Mann”

Starring: Miguel A. Nunez Jr., Vivica A. Fox, Kim Wayans, Tommy Davidson, Kevin Pollak | Directed by: Jesse Vaughan | Produced by: James G. Robinson, Steve Oedekerk, Bill Gerber | Written by: Bradley Allenstein, Mark Brown | Distributor: Warner Brothers

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Movie Critics
…Sexually related humor is present as is some brief and unwelcome groping, while some partial nudity is seen (bare butts), as are various scantily clad women…
…The film also hits some good messages, like the importance of teamwork and friendship, as well as the negative effects of a self-centered attitude. But many of the comments include crude and vulgar language, sexual slang, and suggestive double meanings…
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