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The Silver Belt

also known as “El Cinturon de Plata”
Moral Rating: Excellent!
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Family
Genre: Christian Family Drama
Length: 40 min.
Year of Release: 1953
USA Release: 1953
The Silver Belt
Director Stanley E. Taylor
Producer Films for Christ (Christian Answers Network)
Distributor Films for Christ (Christian Answers Network)

Thousands have come to Christ through this classic story of a Navajo Indian boy, the theft of a valuable silver belt, a lost pet lamb, and a flash flood.

Filmed on a Southwestern reservation in the 1950s, this evangelistic drama has been used throughout America and Spanish-speaking countries with great effect!

DVD quality streaming video— “The Silver Belt”
40 minutes / Produced by Christian Answers (Films for Christ) / Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.

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