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The Sparky Chronicles: The Map

Reviewed by: Carol Asher

Moral Rating: Excellent
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Teens Pre-Teens
Genre: Adventure Comedy Family
Length: 27 min.
Year of Release: 2003
USA Release: June 20, 2003
Copyright, Spotlight Media Copyright, Spotlight Media Copyright, Spotlight Media Copyright, Spotlight Media Copyright, Spotlight Media
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Copyright, Spotlight Media
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Featuring David A.R. White, Derek Baynham, Vanessa Liptak
Director Dan Rutledge
Distributor Spotlight Media

Plot: College age brothers Ethan and Jeffrey Park and their neighbor Christina Matthews form a crack commando unit after the mysterious kidnapping of their dog Sparky. Sparky was taken by the infamous Canine terrorist known as “The Clip.” During their search for Sparky they stumble across a map that the Clip has left behind. The true lesson that must be learned by these three comrades is how to use the map.

The Set: This film spoofs my favorite spy and intrigue films from “James Bond” to “Cats and Dogs”. The sarcasm and physical humor throughout the film will keep you laughing. There are moments when they poke fun at popular movies like “Star Trek” and “Star Wars”. The three characters come across like they were the children of Chrissy Snow from “Three’s Company” and Barney Fife from “The Andy Griffith” show. As you can imagine there is not a brain surgeon between the three of them. They blindly stumble through this adventure and seem to cause more harm to each other then really achieving their goal.

As the adventure continues they begin to learn their need to have help from an outside influence. When they receive the help, they do not know how to use it. This brings us to the lesson of the map and how one must go about using it.

That’s a Wrap: This film is targeting the tween and teen audience but elementary aged children will enjoy it as well. There is a lesson learned by the characters and discussion questions are available in the bonus material area on the DVD. The music and cinematography will appeal to this age group.

Violence: Mild | Profanity: None | Sex/Nudity: None

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