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Seed of Chucky

MPAA Rating: R-Rating (MPAA) for strong horror violence/gore, sexual content and language
not reviewed
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Comedy, Suspense/Horror
Year of Release:
USA Release:
November 12, 2004
Copyright, Rogue Pictures Copyright, Rogue Pictures
Copyright, Rogue Pictures
Featuring: Jennifer Tilly, Redman, Hannah Spearritt, Brad Dourif, Billy Boyd
Director: Don Mancini
Producer: David Kirschner, Corey Sienega
Distributor: Rogue Pictures

“Fear the Second Coming”

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “Following the events of “Bride of Chucky,” killer dolls Chucky and Tiffany are now faced with the challenge of raising their child, Glen (Boyd), becoming a family of killer dolls.”

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Neutral—This film was not very good, I really didn’t enjoy watching it. But, for it’s rating, it had very little offensive material. I saw it with both my 8 and 11-year old daughters, and there was some minor violence, but overall it was unoffensive to us. I would recommend it only if you really enjoy movies with scary parts—it isn’t well made, and the special effects really aren’t worth seeing.
My Ratings: [Good/2]
Fiona, age 25
Negative—“Seed of Chucky” was one of the most repulsive movies I have ever seen. I loved how the original Child’s Play movies had no sexual content. Seed and its prequel, “Bride of Chucky,” changed that. It’s so disgusting that I don’t feel comfortable describing any of it. The number of cuss words also rose in proportion to the first three movies. The violence has increased, but that is not the biggest issue with this movie. I would not recommend this to anyone.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Extremely Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 3
Dave R., age 20 (USA)
Comments from young people
Positive—Okay, when you watch a Chucky movie, you KNOW you’re not going to get family-friendly entertainment. But I have always enjoyed horror/comedy movies, and I think this is the best Chucky yet! I also believe a person can still be a Christian and not be offended by every little thing.
My Ratings: [Extremely Offensive/5]
Adam Sims, age 13
Movie Critics
…doesn’t even try to scare anybody. His one-liner-riddled script only manages a couple of tepid laughs…
Roger Moore, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
…Jennifer Tilly, who plays herself as a camped-up movie queen, is the only watchable element of the whole misjudged affair…
Richard James Havis, Hollywood Reporter
…complicated mess that simply isn’t that entertaining…
Paul Sherman, Boston Herald