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Private Valentine a.k.a. “Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous,” “Major Movie Star”

MPAA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPAA) for sexual content including references, and some drug material.
not reviewed
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Adults, Teens
Year of Release:
USA Release:
DVD release: February 3, 2009
Featuring: Jessica Simpson, Vivica A. Fox, Steve Guttenberg, Olesya Rulin, Aimee Garcia, Keiko Agena, Cheri Oteri, Jill Marie Jones, Bryce Johnson, Ryan Sypek, Michael Hitchcock, Kip Cummings, John F. Daniel, Gary Grubbs, Katie Chonacas, Marco St. John, Chuck Vail, Eric Kelly McFarland, Lara Grice, Cory Patt, John T. Billingsley, Breon Pugh, Brad Dison, Bill Stinchcomb, Darcel White Moreno, Drew Waters, Keith Pratt, Brent Weisner, Amy McGee, Randy Bordelon, Amanda Weisner, Dante Swain, Michael Byrnes, Ryan Glorioso, David E. Brown, Rebecca Holloway, Erika Perez, DeAnna Charett, Steven Miramontz, Christopher Ware, Jennifer Finley
Director: Steve Miner
Producer: BenderSpink, DiNovi Pictures, Emmett/Furla Films, Family Room Entertainment, Gerber Pictures, Grand Army Entertainment, Major Productions, Millennium Films, Papa Joe Films, Chris Bender, Boaz Davidson, Danny Dimbort, Denise Di Novi, Stephen Emery, Randall Emmett, Michael P. Flannigan, George Furla, Bill Gerber, Avi Lerner, Trevor Short, Joe Simpson, J.C. Spink, Joshua Throne, Jake Weiner
Distributor: Sony Pictures

“The Few. The Proud. The Blonde.”

Copyrighted, Sony Pictures

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “Megan Valentine was America’s sweetheart. But her latest movie is a bomb, and a crooked accountant has left her broke. So she’s doing what anyone else would do—joining the Army. Now, there’s no star treatment, no stunt doubles and no second takes. But with the help of the other recruits, she’ll find the motivation she needs to be all she can be and make it through basic training with style. Also starring Vivica A. Fox, Steve Guttenberg, Olesya Rulin, Cheri Oteri and Jill Marie Jones.”

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