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Breaking the Waves

MPAA Rating: R-Rating (MPAA) for strong graphic sexuality, nudity, language and some violence
Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Foreign Romance Drama
2 hr. 33 min.
Year of release:
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Featuring: Emily WatsonBess McNeill
Stellan SkarsgårdJan Nyman
Udo KierSadistic Sailor
Katrin Cartlidge … Dodo McNeill
Jean-Marc Barr … Terry
Adrian Rawlins … Dr. Richardson
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Director: Lars Von Trier
Producer: Argus Film Produktie
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Distributor: October Films

“Love is a mighty power.”

Viewer Comments
Positive—“Breaking the Waves” was the most moving and thought provoking movie I have ever seen. It made me think about the true love of God, like I never have. It shows what true faith is, even though it is misguided faith.

Many people that are turned off by harsh organized/fundamental Christianity have been very moved by the portrayal of “Bess”, and have been intrigued about God’s true mercy. But some people just miss the point, and don’t get it at all. What “Jan” does in the movie near the end is terrible to do, and we don’t know exactly why, but that isn’t the point. It is Bess’s faithful response to what she believes she should do to be faithful to her husband’s wishes.

This is a movie I think every pastor should see, even though it has some pretty graphic sex scenes. But those scenes are not sensual or vulgar or pornographic, but very innocent and reminiscent of true married love.
Ric Grosh