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The Edge

Reviewed by: Tim Emmerich

Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Action Adventure
118 min.
Year of Release:

Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Elle Macpherson, Harold Perrineau / Director: Lee Tamahori / Released by: 20th Century Fox

While “The Edge” provides nail-biting suspense, one can uncontrollably be tempted to cry out at the film: “Trust in God, not in your own wisdom.” As the main characters are lost in the Alaskan wilderness to survive, the emphasis is placed on “thinking and not dying of shame” when all cares should be given to God.

Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins) is a billionaire that has a rather young and lovely wife, Mickey (ELLE MACPHERSON), who is a model. Robert Green (Alec Baldwin) is a fashion photographer and his subject is Mickey. They journey to the beautiful, panoramic scenes of the Alaskan wilderness to do a picture shoot, Charles (going along for the ride) celebrates his birthday on their arrival day in Alaska. Circumstances eventually carry Charles and Robert deep into the dangers of the untamed wilderness, forced to survive while stranded together.

Their plight may have been a slightly better situation, had Charles and Robert been friends. But instead, tension permeates the bitter cold as Charles is convinced that Robert may be romantically interested in his lovely wife. (This is stated at the outset of the movie, but I won’t give anymore away in case you see it.)

There were over 30 cases of swearing and using the Lord’s name inappropriately. The violence from wildlife and mankind was not too extreme and mostly realistic, but perhaps a bit on the bloody side. There were a few continuity problems (unnoticeable to some), and how these two men survived numerous exposures to hypothermia is a mystery. “The Edge” advertises as a frightening story… While it had moments of fright, most of the suspense is quite predictable.

All in all, a mildly enjoyable movie. “The Edge” did have at least one redeeming value—breathtaking scenes of the Alaskan wilderness (a bit cheaper than taking a cruise). Truly, it is a wonderful and beautiful world that God has created for us to enjoy.

Viewer Comments
A worthwhile action movie. I thought it started quite slowly, but developed into an interesting story. The action developed over time as well. A good commentary on the pros and cons of being rich. Is money really as freeing as so many people think? Can you you be rich AND happy? Is not God’s creation worth so much more to the human experience than a pile of greenbacks? Note: a bear mauling scene that goes on far too long—be prepared to fastforward.
Todd Adams, age 30
“The Edge” was a hold-your-breath thriller with remarkable cinematography of the Alaskan mountains which I think is Oscar-worthy. Anthony never ceases to amaze me in his incredible gift of portrayal that God gave him. The movie was a blast but would have been a bit better without the cursing. Cursing and swearing tends to bother me more than even gushy violence. Besides, it’s easier to see some one die after they’ve been kind of a jerk to everyone—Christan or not, that’s the way movie characters are. Alec Baldwin had one of his best performances too, by the way.
Brandon, age 18
For me, this movie was another showcase of how brilliant an actor Anthony Hopkins is. I first saw him in “Silence of the Lambs” then as C.S. Lewis in “Shadowlands” and I couldn’t believe he was the same man. His versatility is incredible, and his performance in “The Edge” is outstanding. An Oscar should be given to whomever did the editing for this film. In an interview, Alec Baldwin said that the bear that attacks them was really a very friendly bear. In order to get the shots they needed, he and Hopkins had to “play” with the bear by poking sticks at it. Between those shots and shots of a man in a bear costume, “The Edge” delivers a bear that appears to be ferocious! The plot was a little slow but Hopkins' and Baldwin’s performances along with the beautiful scenery more than make up for it. I highly recomend this film.
Peter Wright, age 21
“The Edge” was an awe inspiring flick for the greatness of God’s creation. After you see the beautiful Alaskan mountains in “The Edge” you will want to go hike up into the mountains and camp out with your 12-gauge shotgun. The power of Grizly bear was amazing, while action abounded. There were just a few dull moments, but your imagination would take over during those times, thinking about what _YOU_ would do. Be aware that you will witness a man’s leg being eaten off, and finally a graphic human fatality. This movie is GREAT if you are a nature lover, or a “wish-I-knew-more-about-nature-lover”.
Brian Pedigo, age almost 18