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Reviewed by: Dawn Cole

Very Offensive
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Primary Audience:
113 min.
Year of Release:

Starring: Robin Williams, Bill Cosby

Warning: This film may not be for your child. The values and norms of some of the children portrayed in this film are not something you want your Christian child accepting as normal for a child their age.

Jack, played by Robin Williams, is a sweet 10 year old boy in the body of a 40 year old man. He is schooled at home by Mr. Woodruff, a tutor (played by Bill Cosby). Mr. Woodruff suggests that Jack’s parents let him go to school with the other 5th grade boys. After weeks of being shunned and laughed at by his peers, one boy, Louie, befriends Jack. Soon he is included in basketball games and tree house antics. Louie has quite an effect on Jack’s sweet personality. He talks Jack into posing as the principal, giving a glowing academic report to Louie’s mom Dolores, played by Fran Dresher (“The Nanny”).

Louie and the other boys introduce Jack to dirty sex magazines such as “Penthouse” and “Hustler,” and encourage him to purchase these posing as an adult. “Innocent” Jack is also taught what an erection is, and then later prances across the kitchen with a large loaf of French bread simulating an erection on himself. After suffering an episode of Angina (heart pain) due to a stressful situation at school, Jack is pulled from public school, to again be taught at home. Severely depressed, Jack goes in search of Dolores to a nightclub she frequents. The conversation he has with a man there is clearly inappropriate for children. The phrases such as “can’t keep it up,” and “goes limp” are enough said to clue you in on the conversation.

The children in Miss Marquez’s 5th grade class are given an assignment “What do you want to be when you grow up?” One of the boys comments that he wants to be a gynecologist. When questioned by Miss Marquez as to the reason he states, “you are the reason Miss Marquez.” Again and again this type of inappropriate subject matter for children is written in.

This film is truly a disappointment, and the fact that the advertisements target children disturbs me greatly. As Christian parents we are instructed to nurture and instruct our children in the way of the Lord. I implore you to be firm in refusing your child’s requests to see this film. Wait till this film comes to TV and they have hopefully cut out many of these vulgarities. Once these vulgarities are cut out you can appreciate a few valuable lessons, such as; be nice to others no matter the physical differences and, everyone can be encouraged to make a valuable contribution to society no matter how long or short their stay on Earth.

Christians are supposed to encourage one another, and I encourage you to look elsewhere for family entertainment.

Viewer Comments
I saw this movie and found it to be a waste of time and got nothing out of it. It lacked good acting and a plot. As far as Christian values this movie gives you very little. It does show that friendship and being kind is important, but… Not a lot of cussing… The main characters look at adult magazines and talk dirty. Sexual references. No violence…
Toby Flournoy
I went to see Jack with a group of five friends and was very disappointed. One of my friends slept through the movie and probably received more for (her money) than the rest of us who watched the whole thing. The acting was not the best and the whole movie seemed to be lacking any excitement or real plot. Sure it taught you about accepting those who are different than you, but if you want to see a movie with some real action see “Chain Reaction” instead. Or do yourself a favor and save your money.
Annalisa Woods, age 16
I expected this movie to be fairly clean and to see Robin Williams act in good character, much like in “Hook”. However, I was greatly disappointed. There were about four scenes in which I nearly got up and walked out of the theatre because of sexual talk, innuendos, and lude actions like using a loaf of French bread as a male organ. I would greatly dissuade the public from wasting hard earned money to see the movie.
Bryan Hurlbut, age 28
Robin Williams is funny as always, however, this is not very good for our… children to be watching. The young boys are busy looking at dirty magazines, and having sexual discussions that I was happy were over my daughters head. I think this movie is too long and dragged. It was rather depressing as well. It was badly written. I am sure it could have been much better, with a bit more thought put into it. The rest of my family won’t waste their time on this one.
Cathy Adams, age 40