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Kicked in the Head

Reviewed by: Brian Nigro

Extremely Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
86 min.
Year of Release:

Starring: Kevin Corrigan, Linda Fiorentino / Director: Matthew Harrison / Released by: October Films

“Kicked In The Head” is a pointless, instantly forgettable movie about low-lifes in New York City. October (which is now owned by Universal) is promoting this as a comedy for the “Generation X” crowd. Frankly, it’s not.

The only main character is Redman (Kevin Corrigan), a loser who just quit his job to go on a “spiritual quest.” In between running drugs for his Uncle Sam (James Woods), he crashes at his friend Stretch’s (Michael Rapaport) apartment. Meanwhile, a drug kingpin played by Burt Young (from the “Rocky” movies) sends his cronies after him for botching a delivery. In between all this mayhem, Redman finds time to dump a true friend (indie film veteran Lili Taylor) so he can go after an airline stewardess (Linda Fiorentino from “Men in Black”).

Martin Scorcese produced this movie; and, initially, it really is reminscent of his New York nightmare “After Hours”. But, after a while, the story goes nowhere. Is it a Generation X comedy or is a gangster drama? The screenplay here is extremely sloppy (not as bad as “Dream With Fishes”, earlier this summer, but close.) This isn’t so-bad-it's-good, it’s a bad movie because it tries too hard.

If Redman wants a “spiritual quest” for the Truth, here’s a suggestion: The Bible. Try the Book of Proverbs, for starters. It’s an invaluable guidebook and compass.

“Kicked in The Head” is rated R for very extensive profanity (over 150 four-letter words and profanities, etc.), violence, recurring sexual innuendo, comic treatment of drug use and alcoholism, and constant chain smoking. Also, there is minor anti-Japanese, anti-Jewish, anti-Irish, and despite one Dean Martin song on the soundtrack, anti-Italian sentiment. Kicked in the head, indeed.