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Nothing to Lose

Reviewed by: Mark Rinker

Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Older Teen to Adult
97 min.
Year of Release:

Starring: Tim Robbins, Martin Lawrence / Director: Steve Oedekerk / Released by: Touchstone Pictures

“Nothing to Lose” is a “buddy” comedy that looks promising enough from the previews, but if you go to see it, you will find that the previews are more entertaining than the actual poorly-written film.

In this comedy, Tim Robbins’ character comes home from the corporate office only to find his wife and boss engaged in a sexual affair. Understandably upset and confused, he hops into his car and sets off driving with no apparent destination in mind. Along comes a petty thief (Martin Lawrence) who attempts to rob him with an unloaded gun. Instead, Lawrence is pulled into the car and taken for a wild ride. Ironically, Lawrence convinces Robbins to let him team up with him a spree of robberies.

Of the many problems with this film (excessive language, nudity, etc.), one of the biggest problems is the poor writing. The movie seems to come to a dead-end after only 30 minutes. While there are some very funny moments in the film, the writing and humor are inconsistent. Another disappointment is Lawrence. He seems like an amateur when paired with Robbins. And aren’t his “white people are morons” jokes getting a bit tiring?

On a Christian perspective, Robbins' character seems like a pretty moral guy—until, of course, he starts robbing stores and vandalizing statues (one of the funnier moments in the film). Lawrence, on the other hand, is a foul-mouthed thief who has no respect for women, especially his wife when talking about her behind her back. But he does seem to show an interest in making something of himself, maybe to support his children so that they can be better off than he is.

There is much unnecessary profanity in the movie, including a scene in which four characters “humorously” and continually tell each other to “shut the f*** up.” The language is the most offensive strike against this movie, with the terrible script pulling up a close second. I recommend this movie only if you are looking for a few laughs with no other expectations.

Viewer Comments
This movie is a PASS. The Profanity to be endured is not worth the few laughs this movie affords.
Ron Bleakney, age 36
First of all, the reviewer said that the “maiming” of the statue was one of the funnier moments. Somehow, that wasn’t very funny to me. That statue was not even a work of art, but a work from a sick and twisted “artist”. Anyway, the movie had some morality “thrown in” to make it O.K. Does that REALLY make it O.K.?
Milo, age 22
Very funny and very carnal. Recommended only for those who aren’t easily offended… but if you are, it’s an R-rated movie… what do you expect. I personally would like to see Martin Lawrence in something with some seriously toned-down humor. He’s one of the best comedians out there but his constant profanity overshadows his gift. A toned down movie would really give him a chance to strut his comedic stuff.
Chris Utley, age 24