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Out of Sight

Reviewed by: W.J. Kimble

Very Offensive
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122 min.
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Starring: George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, Ving Rhames, Albert Brooks / Director: Steven Soderbergh / Released by: Universal Pictures

Many reviewers highly praise “Out of Sight”, and the reasons are obvious… romance, drama and suspense. It is a cleverly written story which will delight your senses and tease your mind without leaving you feeling guilty or ashamed. While it does contains a compelling plot, terrific dialogue between characters, and an interesting twist of events that leaves you either laughing or wondering what will happen next, it is not a movie for everyone. It contains so much profanity (over 100 instances) that the MPAA gave this movie an “R” rating. While there are violent scenes, it is only slightly more graphic than one would see on TV. Near nudity was portrayed between Foley and Sisco (stripped down to their underwear), and one instance of implied nudity (bathtub scene).

As the drama begins, we see Jack Foley (George Clooney) the clever, career thief (who is one of the most successful bank robbers of all time) being arrested in a failed bank robbery attempt. Jack, as we later find out, has the ability to sweet talk bank tellers out of their money. He has successfully pulled off 200 bank robberies without the use of a gun; and he would have gotten away with it this time if his get-away car would have started.

While incarcerated at the Glades Correctional Institution in Florida, Foley cons the prison guards and cleverly executes his plans for escape. He is momentarily taken off guard when he meets face-to-face with federal marshal Karen Sisco (Jennifer Lopez, “Selena”), whom he takes as a hostage and flees with her in the trunk of the get-away car driven by his long time friend Buddy Bragg (Ving Rhames, “Con Air”). On route to Detroit, Foley lets Sisco go as he and Bragg discuss their plans to score big on their next robbery of 5 million dollars in uncut diamonds. Richard Ripley (Albert Brooks, “Critical Care”), another ex-con and an inside trader of stocks and bonds, wanting to be a very important person, just happens to tell Foley about his diamonds while still in prison. The suspense that follows is wrapped around the diamonds that remain Out of Sight; yet to Foley is just a clever way of hiding the obvious.

The real power of this movie is in the romantic and sensual relationship between Foley and Sisco, who just happens to be assigned to get Foley and return him to prison. The chemistry between them is uncanny. I was taken aback, though, when she fantasized a sexual encounter with Foley; but I was relieved to see that the dream sequence ceased at a most convenient time. However, it is for scenes like this (and the excessive language) that I would never recommend children under 17 to see this film! While most reviewers will give this movie high marks, I am reluctant to do so. It is a well-constructed movie with a great story line. The acting was superb and the movie does keep you spell bound; but while it is truly a romantic experience it does not honor the sanctity of marriage nor that of a Godly home.

Viewer Comments
excessive profanity
I thought the movie was very well done. Although the profanity was excessive, we can’t deny that this movie was very good. Uh, that is as far as movie making quality. As far as a movie Christians would go see… I don’t think so. I am very ashamed that I liked this movie.

I really, really detest movies that speaks the Lord’s name in vain. And I can’t believe Ving Rhymes, who is supposedly, a christian, takes God’s name in vain. For this, I must strike this movie down, as one a christian shouldn’t go see. Any movie that takes the Lord’s name in vain, is always off limits!!!… This proves that the producers don’t care!
Ronald R. Coley, age 23