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Reviewed by: Phil Layton

Moral Rating: Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: 18-32
Genre: Action Adventure
Year of Release: 1996
USA Release:

“Bulletproof” explodes on the scene with violence, high-speed chases, and promises of comedy ala “Saturday Night Live” and “In Living Color.” Unfortunately, this movie takes pot shots at everything Christian and the film’s two stars themselves prove to be blanks.

Damon Wayans stars as an undercover police cop who befriends car thief Adam Sandler in hopes he will help bust a big-time drug lord. There are a few funny moments, but more of the bad than the good; horribly bad acting, terrible language, and off-color humor all combine to detract significantly from this film. The story is lame, and basically amounts to these sorry buddies being reunited in an effort to put away car theif/drug dealer Frank Colton (James Caan).

The previews promised an action packed comedy in the ranks of “Bad Boys”, “Money Train” and “Lethal Weapon”. What it delivers is much worse—a mindless, vulgar, and horribly made movie that is even bad by Hollywood standards.

The duo of Wayans and Sandler lacks the interracial chemistry and humor we would expect and is, quite frankly, not that funny. I won’t lie, there were a few humorous moments in the film, but the unnecessary filth and offensive language overshadow any good elements. I realize that most comedies nowadays resort to off-color humor, but this is the worst I have seen in quite a while, and as a Christian it was too offensive to enjoy with a clear conscience. The cursing I have heard before, but it was the other jokes and explicit discussions that really bothered me.

Parents be warned; this film contains strong violence, brief nudity, derisive gay references and jokes, implied illicit relations, multiple references to masturbation, a scene with a pornographic film in the background… the list goes on. “Bulletproof” is not only offensive, but quite dumb. Even from a secular standpoint it is not worth seeing. As a Christian college student and a fellow human being, I strongly urge any and everybody to avoid wasting their money on this one.

Need I say more?

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