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The Cutting Edge

Reviewed by: Tyson Gibson

Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Teens Adults
192 min.
Year of Release:

Douglas Dorsey is a comeback kid. An all-star hockey player for Minnesota State University finds himself at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. As many athletically talented people, he is revered as a god; however, that status is stripped away when an accident on the ice takes away part of his vision, effectively ending his hockey career forever.

At the same Olympics, a talented (yet extremely spoiled) figure skater, Kate Mosely, makes a fatal mistake and ruins her and her partners chances for a medal.

Two years later, after being repeatedly refused by national hockey leagues, Doug swallows his pride and accepts a proposition to be Kate’s partner. However, her arrogance and his pride puts them at odds, something they have to overcome if they are to be a team.

“The Cutting Edge” is one of my favorite movies. It satisfied the romantic sap in me as the animosity between Kate and Doug slowly and interestingly transforms into love. It is also hilarious at times. The camera work is superb using unique camera angles and lighting to give the film its mood, especially during the drama and excitement of the Olympics.

However, as a Christian, there are times I have to cringe. Now that I have seen the movie several times, I have learned when to grab the remote; however, as a first time viewer, be warned. Doug is promiscuous with women, a fact he is proud of. Other sexual insinuations are thrown in here and there, and there is a deplorable use of the word G**D*** along with other usage of offensive language. I recommend caution in viewing this film, especially around children.

However, if you can “grin and bear it,” the movie is very enjoyable and definitely worth seeing. It’s romantic and funny, and ultimately about the change in two people’s lives.