Today’s Prayer Focus


Reviewed by: Tim Emmerich

Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Older Teen to Adult
109 min.
Year of Release:

An intriguing turn of events on Capitol Hill intertwines a love story and a desire to do what is right and best for our main character, Dave. It turns out that the President of the United States has severe medical concerns that arise when he has a secret encounter with a lover. His staff feels that they can easily cover things up, especially since they have a dead-ringer look-alike in Dave and the President was not getting along well with the First Lady anyways (perhaps due to his extramarital affairs?).

Dave (Kevin Kline) has been hired to do a few appearances for the President as he uncannily resembles the President in almost every feature, including the voice. With the President’s accident, Dave is convinced by the White House staff to “be” the president for a while. Things seemingly go well and even the first lady (Sigourney Weaver) doesn’t see through the charade. Before long, Dave is seen as a great president—surprising the nation as well as the first lady, who once again begins to emerge with romantic interest in her “husband.”

From a Christian perspective, there is some brief nudity as Dave is confronted with distressing news while he is in the shower by his “wife,” you get a view of his butt and also an implied erection. The real president was making love with a co-worker towards the beginning of the film, which gave him the heart attack. The language is not the greatest, especially among the White House staff.

The enjoyable aspects of this movie outweigh some of the negatives. You get to feel success as Dave helps balance the budget in order to save an orphanage. The love interests that develop between the first lady and Dave are honest and well presented. A good rental movie for those firmly grounded in their Christian Walk.