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Waiting to Exhale

Reviewed by: Lisa Sutter

Extremely Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Romantic Drama
Year of Release:

“Waiting to Exhale” is the story of 4 friends. Savannah (Whitney Houston), Gloria (Loretta Devine), Robin (Leila Rochom) and Bernadine (Angela Bassett). All of these women have been hurt in the past and are now looking for a new love. This movie portrays men in a very negative light. Bernadine’s husband leaves her for another woman at the beginning of the movie. For the rest of the movie she is extreamly bitter and vengeful. She refuses to forgive her husband. She holds on to her bitterness and rage throughout the movie. This is clearly illustrated when she goes into her husband’s closet, puts all his clothes in his car and sets them on fire. She is swearing the entire time she is taking his clothes out of the closet. Then she laughs as she watches his clothes and the interior of his car burn.

In the end, they all find love. But it is very selfish love that is closer to lust than real love. Anti-Christian themes run rampant through this film. It glorifies vengence when wronged, and extramartial affairs among other things.

This movie is one that should be avoided by Christians. This movie contains a great deal of profanity and numerous graphic sex scenes. It is definitely not a movie for kids. I have never walked out of a movie but I came pretty close to walking out of this one. It was not even work the $1.50 I paid to see it. Save you hard earned money and skip this movie.