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Johnny Mnemonic

Reviewed by: Alex Yeoh

Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Teens Adults

This is one movie every person should avoid.

This sci-fi movie plays on the current Internet Super-Highway fascination. It promises an interesting look at the future, where information is no longer safe to communicate over normal phone lines, and thus are transported by human couriers with microchip brain implants (one wonders why they don’t use CDs and just carry them around!).

The concept is the only thing you want to know! The story is poorly executed with no climax. The movie is full of profanity, violence and bad lines. The special effects are minimal for this type of movie.

The main reason for avoiding “Johnny Mnemonic” is the demonic portrayal of a bounty-hunter character named “Jesus”. The bounty hunter is a half-robotic killer who dresses and looks like the stereotypical Jesus portrayed in movies. He works in a chapel and misquotes Scripture before gruesomely dispatching of targets.

“Johnny Mnemonic” is a dark movie and is the most disturbing film I have ever seen. Avoid it at all costs, and walk out if friends rent it out from the video store.

Year of Release—1995

Viewer Comments
A minor correction. The short story this was based on by William Gibson was around Before the internet got popular. His book Neuromancer and the word “Cyberspace” started the whole thing. But I digress. Ok so you carry a CD around. Did you see what happened to the guys with the visual code? People can take it away from you. The name of the bad guy was not Jesus, it was Street Preacher. Was he bad? Think about the Spanish Inquisition. people do lots of unpleasant things in the name of God and can quote scripture with the best of them. I’ve found Gibson’s style to be another view of what the future could hold. Many believe in the perfect sterility of the “Star Trek” universe. Maybe we’ll reach that some day. But first we’ll have some “Johnny Mnemonic” and “Blade Runner” scenarios to go through first. The special effects were beautiful, they completely conveyed the sense of a high tech internet as envisoned by Gibson and others. Yes, it’s not a perfect Christian movie, many on this list aren't. But appreciate art and script writing too.
Dave Clark