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Swiss Family Robinson

Volume 1: The Terrible Typhoon

Reviewed by: Dale and Karen Mason

Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
All Ages (3+)
25 min.

Chariot Video (David C. Cook Publishing Co.) | Produced by: PMT, Ltd.

This dramatic cartoon series will be enjoyed and appreciated by the entire family, mom and dad, too! “The Terrible Typhoon” is the first of many episodes in this rather substantially revised version of the classic novel, “Swiss Family Robinson”. In this segment, the viewer is introduced to the Robinson family while they are aboard a luxury sailing ship headed for Australia. They are a loving, praying family with three children (two boys and a girl).

Several humorous and heartwarming scenes lead up to the sudden eruption of a fierce storm that lasts for several days and finally causes the ship to run aground on a reef. Four of the five members of the Robinson family are left stranded without a life raft aboard the shipwrecked vessel while the oldest son, Fritz, has been blown overboard by the howling typhoon. This volume ends at this point.

Year of Release—1988

Viewer Comments
Positive—My young girls (2 and 4) absolutely love these videos. We also used them in a kids bible club at one point in an apartment complex where we lived and all ages really enjoyed them (anywhere from 5 to 12). Highly recommended, but hard to come by. Check ebay (they do show up there for sale occasionally). My Ratings: [Excellent! / 4]
Tim, age 28