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Superbook: The Test and Here Comes the Bride

Reviewed by: Dale and Karen Mason

Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Ages 5-10
40 min.
Year of Release:

The “Superbook” series is another in the genre of animated Bible stories that, unfortunately, inject contemporary children into each episode. The problem with this type of storytelling is that young viewers (those 5 to 7 years of age and younger) cannot readily separate fiction from reality. Studies indicate that they soon come to believe that the fictional characters are as much a part of the scriptural record as the Bible characters themselves, or they assume that because the children’s part is fictional, the Bible story must be fiction, too.

Although “Superbook” episodes are very entertaining and excellent attention holders, younger viewers would be better off watching animated Bible stories such as Ken Anderson’s “Greatest Stories Ever Told” series instead. This tape—one of dozens available in this series—contains “The Test” (Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac) and “Here Comes the Bride” (Abraham sends his servant to find a wife for Isaac). Both episodes contain more scriptural inaccuracies and oversights than a reasonable amount of “artistic license” should allow. Read the stories to your children directly from the Bible, or find a better Bible story video, rather than exposing them to these poorly researched representations of important historical events.