Today’s Prayer Focus


Reviewed by: Brian McClimans

Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
13 to Adult
Slapstick Comedy
97 min.
Year of Release:

Weird Al Yankovic hits the silver screen is this 80’s classic available on home video. I’ve seen this movie many times and I laugh every time. It’s funny and clean by today’s standards.

In this movie Weird Al stars as George. George and his friend are two nobodys working in the fast food industry. When they get fired from their jobs they are left stranded with no work. When Weird Al goes to a party he is asked by Uncle Harvey to manage a UHF station that’s on the brink of bankruptcy. George brings the station from the bottom to the top, managing to receive higher ratings that even the network affiliates. The network station owner, RJ Fletcher, is jealous of this UHF station and seeks to buy it out from Harvey and destroy it. But when George hears about this sinister plot, he and his big star set out to raise funds through a public-broadcast-style telethon in hopes of raising enough cash to buy the station.

Of course, in a movie with Weird Al you can expect some great laughs and that’s exactly what there is (especially if you are in a silly mood). As the station manager he puts together a lineup of hilarious programs that poke fun at some of the dumb programs that are on television today.

The idea of good versus evil is really made clear in the movie. George as the man in charge of UHF 62 is the good guy. RJ Fletcher is the bad guy who seeks to destroy George. George doesn’t give up or give in and seeks to keep the station going for the people who love the new format of the station.

I highly recommend this movie for anyone who has yet to see it. With the exception of some minor expletives, some animated slap stick violence, and some mildly crude humor this movie is worth your time. It’s not a movie for children, but for teens and young adults, it’s good clean fun. Rent it today!!!